Pediatric Surgery

About the Clinic

General Surgery Department performs treatments and surgeries related to digestive system diseases, liver, stomach, intestine, gallbladder, biliary tract, pancreatic and spleen diseases, hemorrhoid and anal region surgery, pilonidal sinus (hair regrowth) breast surgery, thyroid and parathyroid surgery, hernia, soft tissue and burn surgery, trauma surgery, laparoscopic surgery.

In case of the following complaints, please make an appointment with MHRS and apply to the General Surgery Specialist.

Appendicitis: (It starts with pain in the upper abdomen first, The pain in the upper abdomen is relieved and the pain begins in the lower right region of the abdomen, Gradually intensification of the pain felt in the abdomen, Persistence of the pain felt in the abdomen, Fever, Acceleration in heartbeat, Loss of appetite, Nausea and vomiting )
pain in the breast
Pain in the breast radiating to the arms
Feeling of hardness in the breast
Hardness in the breast
Swelling and pain in the abdomen
Small intestine,
Large bowel,

(underactive thyroid gland); fatigue, weakness, lethargy and drowsiness, poor concentration, feeling of drowsiness, depression, hair loss, feeling of dryness and coldness in the skin, constipation, weight gain, swelling of the eyelids and legs, decreased sweating, waxy skin, cold intolerance, chills, deepening of the voice, decreased voice, aggravation in speech, decrease in reflexes, blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart rate in children, irregularity in development, and irregular periods in children.
hyperthyroidism; irritability, excessive excitement, emotionality, weight loss, sweating and increase in body temperature, trembling in the hands, increase in pulse rate and blood pressure, skin sweating and feeling of humidity, hair loss, heat intolerance, increased bowel movements, menstrual irregularity, vivid look in the eye, sometimes enlargement in one eye, sometimes double vision.
Body ta flesh mole or sebaceous gland
severe abdominal pain
blood with large stool
Alternating diarrhea and constipation.
Sensitivity to fat, intestinal gases and a feeling of satiety in the stomach
Pressure under the right rib, back pain up to the right shoulder blade, tensions in the right shoulder area.
Pain and swelling in the belly area
Pain and swelling in the groin

Polyclinic service is provided between 08:20-16:00 in our hospital. In outpatient services, our patients are given the right to choose a physician.

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