Patient Responsibilities


General Responsibilities
People should do their utmost to pay attention to their health and follow the advice given for a healthy life.
If appropriate, he can give blood or donate organs.
In simple cases, people should do their care.
Social Security Status
Patient; it has to inform timely the changes in health, social security and personal information.
Informing Health Workers
Patient; he / she should give complete, complete complaints about his / her complaints, previous diseases, any treatment in hospital, and the medications and health information he / she currently uses.
Comply with Hospital Rules
Patient; apply the rules and practices of the health institution that it applies to.
Compliance with Advice on Treatment
Patient; The health certificate (such as Bağ-Kur, Yeşilkart) must have a visa on time.
The patient should follow the referral chain determined by the Ministry of Health and other social security institutions.
Patient; In the process of treatment, care and rehabilitation is expected to be in cooperation with health workers.
Patient; If he / she benefits from a health facility that serves an appointment, he / she has to comply with the date and time of the appointment and notify the relevant places about the changes.
Patient; respect the rights of hospital staff, other patients and visitors.
Patient; have to meet the damages of hospital supplies.
Patient; he / she should listen carefully to the recommendations about the treatment and medications and to ask where he / she cannot understand.
Patient; In case of failure to comply with the recommendations regarding the treatment, the health care professional must be informed.
The patient should state whether he / she understood correctly the health care and post-discharge care plan as expected.
Patient; it is responsible for the consequences of refusing the treatment or non-compliance with the recommendations.