Endoscopy - Colonoscopy
25 Temmuz 2023

Gastroscopy: It is the process of examining the organs of the digestive system with a bendable tube-shaped instrument that has a special light source of its own and allows to take images through the camera at the end. The device in which this procedure is performed is called a gastroscope.
Colonoscopy: It is a procedure performed with a colonoscope, a bendable instrument that allows observing the large intestine from the anus to the cecum.
Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy Appointment Dates and Examination Results; An appointment is made on the same day in case of bleeding or obstruction (foreign body, bone, etc.), for a maximum of 1 (one) week for those with suspected cancer, and for a maximum of 1 (one) month later for patients with chronic complaints or no significant pathology.
In the process, which starts with the examination request of the physician who considers the need for an endoscopic procedure, an appointment is made by the relevant physician after the patient is evaluated with the results of the examination. The consent form describing the procedure in detail is read to the patient, and if the patient declares his/her acceptance and signs the form, the appointment date is created. An information document is given to the patients for whom an appointment is made, and the procedure day, time, what the patient should and should not do are given in writing. In addition, the issues that need attention to the patient are sent via sms.