Hemodialysis Unit
25 Temmuz 2023


Torbalı State Hospital Hemodialysis Unit was put into service in 2003 with 2 devices. It continues its activities in our new hospital, which was opened in August 2017. Our center has 11 devices, one for hepatitis B patients.

Our new center has 140 m² of waiting room. Our dialysis room has an area of 285 m². In our center, there are separate dressing rooms for men and women. There are toilets and lockers for each patient in the rooms. For our Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C patients, there are separate rooms in the comfort of a hospital room, in a toilet bathroom.

            There are individual televisions and television headphones connected to the satellite system for each of our patients, and they spend quality time without getting bored during dialysis. We offer a comfortable dialysis service in our central and air-conditioned room without being affected by the cold and heat of summer and winter.

Our hemodialysis center is not affected by power cuts due to the UPS and generator in our hospital. Dialysis service continues uninterrupted.

Our hospital's vision is "To be a leading health institution that determines the conditions of competition in the provision of health services to the people of Torbalı and its surroundings, and constantly increases its quality." serves accordingly. Our center is based on the satisfaction of service recipients and service providers.

           We have 4008 S, B 10+1 device, and our patients are treated in a hepatitis B positive room and in the room allocated to them with our device.