Patient Visitation Rules


Visiting hours for our inpatients are between 13:00 and 14:00 and 19:00 to 20:00.
There should not be more than two visitors at the beginning of the patient and should not be spoken out loud to disturb other patients.
The duration of the visit should be short. (Up to 15 minutes)
Persons who are susceptible to infection, children under 12 years of age and people with weak immune systems should not visit patients.
Pay attention to the privacy of the patients and their relatives during your visit.
Wash hands before and after the visit.
When visiting, do not bring a bouquet of flowers to be placed in a grounded flower and vase. These flowers are not accepted to the patient services because they carry the risk of infection for your patient.
The patient should not be touched anywhere in the hospital environment.
The patient should not be brought any food from outside, nothing should be eaten or drunk at the beginning and no other food should be given to the other patients in the same room.
Be careful not to make depressing words and behaviors that reflect your emotional state (as it may harm you).
At the end of the visit, the visit must be terminated without waiting for the warnings of the officers.
Patient visitation is not allowed except visiting hours.
According to Article 39 of the Regulation on Patients' Rights; Acceptance of patient visitors is carried out in accordance with the procedures and principles set by the institution or organization and in such a way that it does not cause any acts or attitudes that will disturb the peace and the calm of the patients and necessary measures are taken in this regard.