Our services

                                                 OUR SERVICES

                                           ADMINISTRATIVE UNITS

-Consulting Unit

-Physics Aids -Students-Inventory Management

- Health Care Services Department - Information Processing Unit

- Administrative Financial Services Directorate

-Human Resources -Education Unit

-Infection Unit -Infection Unit

-Group care services unit

-Technical Service Department - Health Board (Delegation)

-Supervisors Unit -Vezne

-Statistics Unit -Patient Rights Unit

-Quality Management Unit- Employee Rights Unit


                                        TETHICS UNITS

Laboratory Services Endoscopy Unit


 .Patology .Gastroscopy

 .Microbiology Imaging Services

 .Can transfusion center services. Radiology
-Cutic Densitometry
-Doppler USG
-Holter ECG

                                                     OUR CLINICS

-Anesthesia Outpatient Clinic -Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic

-Patient surgery polyclinic

-Child Diseases and Health Polyclinic - Ear, Nose and Throat Polyclinic

Polyclinic - Neurology policlinic

-Dermatology clinic - Orthopedics clinic

-Infection Diseases Polyclinic - Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic

-Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Polyclinic - Psychologist Services

-General Surgery Polyclinic - Urology Polyclinic

-Medical Diseases Outpatient Clinic

- Eye Diseases Polyclinic -Nephrology Polyclinic (once a month)

-Gebe Polyclinic

- Dental polyclinic accompanied by anesthesia (once a month)

                                             PATIENT CARE SERVICES UNIT


-Psychiatry / Infection Service

-Gynecology and Obstetrics Service

-Ortopedi / Brain Surgery / ENT / Eye Service

-General Surgery / Urology Service

- Cardiology / Cardiology Service

-Medical Diseases / Dermatology Service

-Child Diseases / FTR Service

-Nurology / Palliative Care Service

                                            INTENSIVE CARE UNIT

-20 bed general intensive care unit

                                                                 SPECIAL UNITS

-Operating room

-Hemodialysis Unit


- Community Mental Health Center

-FTR Salon

                                                SUPPORT SERVICES

- Cleaning Services -Terzihane

-Consulting and Patient Acceptance -Kitchen Services

-Trust Services -Archive Services

-Laundry Services - Waste Management

-Technical Services -Sterilization Services

-Eczane -Morg Services

                                   SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY UNITS

-Gebe and Menopause School
-Diabetic School