Home Care and Health
25 Temmuz 2023


Home Health Services Unit; The entrance of the polyclinic serves on the ground floor. Home health services are provided within the framework of the diagnosis and planned treatment previously made by the specialist physicians of the relevant branch; in the person's home environment; providing examination, examination, analysis, treatment, medical care and rehabilitation services, prescribing drugs whose long-term use is documented with a health report, without prejudice to the special regulations in prescribing the drug, assisting in the preparation of reports on the use of medical devices and materials, informing the patient and his family about the duties they can undertake in the home care process and the disease and care processes, and providing comprehensive training and consultancy services on the correct and appropriate use of medical devices and equipment related to the disease that require home use at home.

The person who wants to benefit from home health services or their parent/guardian who is responsible for their care can apply by calling 444 3 833.
After the information of the patient registered in the system is sent to our system as an e-mail, a patient visit is made as soon as possible with our team of doctors, nurses and health officers.