Hom Care and Health Services

 Our Home Health Services Unit is on the 1st floor. Serves next to Hemodialysis Service.

           Home health care; Providing the examination, examination, treatment, medical care and rehabilitation of the individuals who are in need in the home and in the family environment, providing the transfer to the health institutions where necessary and providing the social and psychological support services to these individuals and family members as a whole.

Applications made in person to the unit are called to call the national call center 444 38 33.

- The patient or relatives looking for the national call center phone will receive the patient's information.

- The national call center informs the provincial coordination center.

- Provincial coordination center sends service orders to the home health unit nearest to the patient's residence address via the ESYS module.

- When the service order falls from the system to the system, the application form is removed, the patient is called by phone and informed about the visit.

- At the specified time, the patient is visited by the team at home.

        The patient will be given home health care and the patient is followed in accordance with the diagnosis and treatment plan. Periodically, patients are visited periodically in the home environment where the person is located; examination, examination, dressing, prescribing of medicines with medical reports, analysis, treatment, medical care and rehabilitation services, medical devices and materials to be used in the removal of reports on the use of, the patient and his family home care process in the tasks, information on the maintenance process This includes training and consultancy services in the proper use of medical devices and equipment that require home use.