Hemodiyalysis Unit


Torbalı State Hospital Hemodialysis Unit was opened in 2003 with 2 devices. It continues its activities in our new hospital which opened in August 2017. Our center has 11 devices, one for hepatitis B patients.

Our new center has a waiting area of 140 m². Our dialysis room has an area of 285 m². In our center there are dressing rooms for men and women dressing separately. Each room has a locker and a toilet. There are separate rooms in the toilet bath for the Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C patients.

For each patient, there are individual television and television heads connected to the satellite system and they spend quality time without being squeezed during dialysis. In our central and air-conditioned lounge, we offer a comfortable dialysis service without being affected by summer, winter cold and heat.

Our hemodialysis center is not affected by power outages due to UPS and generator in our hospital. The dialysis service is continuing without interruption.

Our hospital's vision is to serve as a leader in healthcare services for the people of Torbalı and the environment. Our center is based on the satisfaction of providing service and service.

4008 S, B 10 + 1 Device is available and our patients are treated in a room allocated to them with a hepatitis B positive room and device.

With the breaks given for each session, the nutritional needs of our patients are eliminated, blood sugar balance is maintained, and we provide a more comfortable dialysis. According to the results of each month, new dietary programs are evaluated by the dietician and the patients are informed.

Our unit is continuously operating under the supervision of a specialist physician and has the opportunity to intervene in all the health problems that may occur in the shortest period of time with the advantage of being in a full-fledged hospital.
Consultation with other areas of expertise is carried out, on-site and fast solutions are produced when necessary. In addition, MR, tomography, ultrasound and all laboratory tests are performed in our hospital. This allows our patients to find solutions in a short time without getting tired of treatment.

On request from our patients, we have expanded our patient service network to reach more remote addresses. Patients who were taken from home for dialysis are left to their homes at the end of dialysis.

Our patients were registered for organ transplantation.

In our unit, disinfection and antiseptic conditions are extremely important.

Daily, quarterly and six-month tests are conducted regularly in our water system. Our water system; Double Pass Reverse Osmosis produces optimum quality water with 8 membrane and 2 resin tanks. Daily examinations are performed and digital data is automatically seen and controlled by both us and the headquarters.

Our unit also serves our guests who come from abroad and from abroad to spend their holidays.

Guests are advised to book the dialysis unit when planning their holidays. They can easily do this by filling out the application form in our telephone, fax or web page. The patient should have an identity, dialysis report and epicrisis.
Tourist for patient;

Travel Policies
It is recommended that they come with the policy from the private insurance company to which they are contracted.
For the insured patient abroad;

Obtaining a YUPASS number from the Social Security Institution,
SSK visa form abroad,
It is recommended that they bring a health benefit certificate according to the social security contract.
In this way, they will be able to get a refund from the insurance company they are affiliated with.