Mom and baby

Mother Friendly and Baby Friendly


Since 2018, our hospital has been providing services in accordance with the Mother-Friendly Hospital Criteria.

It is aimed to ensure that expectant mothers have access to safe, quality, delivery services.

Privacy-based single-person birth units have been established. It is aimed to encourage normal birth and to reduce intervention rates.

pregnant women should be able to feel themselves in a comfortable home environment and freedom of movement should be provided.

Mother Friendly Hospital Criteria are presented below. 

1. It is the right of all expectant mothers to receive safe and quality pregnancy follow-up and delivery services.

    Pregnant and postpartum follow-ups are carried out in accordance with written follow-up protocols prepared according to current scientific criteria.

2. The service provided should cover pregnancy, labor, delivery and postnatal care and consultancy services.

    While providing prenatal care and counseling services to pregnant women, necessary information is provided and the "Informed Consent Form" is read and signed.

    Pregnant women can contribute to the planning of delivery.

    A service model is implemented, which is based on fully and accurately informing the pregnant and their relatives about the mode of delivery, the drugs to be given, the possible benefits and harms of the examinations and interventions for the pregnant woman, and there are information materials (written, visual, models, models, etc.) about pregnancy and birth for the pregnant and their relatives.

3. The environments where polyclinic, education, counseling and delivery services are provided in institutions should be prepared in accordance with national standards.

    There are units in our institution that can serve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are arranged according to the needs of mothers and babies.

    Birthing units are classified by national inspections and our institution is responsible for the quality of care provided.

    In our institution, there are sufficient number and quality health personnel who take care of each pregnant woman and communicate well with them.

    Safe blood transfusion is provided in our institution and necessary measures are taken to prevent hospital infections.

4. Privacy expectations should be met with care, and hygiene and comfort standards should be kept high.

    The pregnant woman is made to feel comfortable and comfortable, and she can choose a suitable companion for her.

    During the delivery process, physical and emotional support for pregnant women is one-to-one in the wards, and this support can be easily reached by pregnant women.

    There is no position restriction for the pregnant woman during labor, she can lie in any position she wants, walk and move comfortably in the room.

    Pregnant women are encouraged to push in active positions and delivery is carried out.

5. Non-evidence-based interventions should not be routinely implemented.

   Nutrition and fluid intake are not interrupted.

    Procedures such as enemas and shaving are not routinely applied.

    Early amniotomy, frequent touching, urethral catheter are not applied.

    The institution's cesarean section rate does not exceed the acceptable minimum and maximum levels.

6. The human resources and logistic support required for service delivery should be at an optimum level.

    Prenatal, birth and postnatal services are provided by a team equipped with a multidisciplinary approach. The inpatient institution that provides delivery and management services for high-risk pregnant women has a written action plan.

    Obstetric analgesia service can be provided to patients upon request.

7. In emergency obstetric cases, referral criteria should be followed.

    Continuity is observed in the management of prenatal, natal and postnatal services.

    Pregnant women who apply due to a complication related to pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium are accepted immediately and the necessary medical intervention is carried out without delay.

    The patient is referred after stabilization.

    Dispatch is made by contacting 112.

    The referring institution provides feedback to the referring institution about the cases.

8. Birth service should be mother and baby oriented.

    Baby Friendly Hospital criteria are complied with.

    It is ensured that mothers and families hug and touch their newborn babies and their continuation is supported.

    The puerperant stays in the hospital for at least 24 hours after normal delivery and at least 48 hours after cesarean delivery, and receives postpartum care.

9. Activities to strengthen the knowledge and skill capacity of service providers should be planned and implemented. 
    Continuity of in-service training is provided.

   Monitoring and evaluation studies are carried out on the use of “Antenatal Care”, “Emergency Obstetric Care”, “Birth and Cesarean Section”, “Postpartum Care Management” Guidelines.

    Physicians and other health personnel working in our institution adopt these principles and principles and are informed.

    Employees have 24-hour access to reference materials.

10. Necessary records regarding the services provided should be kept and analyzed at regular intervals and used in the development of services.

    It keeps records regarding the quality and quantity of the services provided in an electronic environment regularly and accurately.

    Statistical data are published on the internet and are made available to all institutions and citizens.

    Maternal and perinatal mortality and morbidities are carefully monitored, and regular feedback meetings are held for this purpose. 

25 Temmuz 2023