Operating Room


In our hospital, there are a total of 8 operating rooms, including 6 Central Operating Rooms, 1 Obstetrics Clinic Operating Room and 1 Local Operating Room. 2 of our operating rooms have Laminar Flow properties. All our halls are equipped with modern technology such as Hepafiltre, central heating-cooling, Medical PC and modern medical devices.

Operations performed in our hospital:

           General Surgery: Goiter, Gallbladder, Hernia, Circumcision, Hemorrhoids,

Fistula-Fissure, Bowel Operations, Appendicitis, Breast Surgery

           Orthopedic Surgery: Hip Surgery, Knee Surgery, Closed Knee Surgery (Arthroscopic Surgery), Extremity (Arm-Leg) Fractures, Shoulder Surgery, Nerve Compression

           Brain Surgery: Lumbar hernia, Narrow canal surgery, Nerve compression surgeries, Epidural hematoma emptying

          Ear Nose Throat Surgery: Tonsillectomy (Tonsillectomy), Adenoidectomy (Genital), Nose Surgery (Deviation, Rhinoplasty, Polyp), Sinusitis Surgery, Ear Surgery (Tympanoplasty)

         Urology Operations: Varicocele, Hydrocele, URS (Uretice), Circumcision

         Eye Surgery: Cataract, Pterygium, Strabismus